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Arena Defense Practice / Challenge

A lot of players these days tend to play the Arena map, but few have mastered their skills over the time and for the ones who are still developing their skills face one of the most common problems in location 3 which is ore management at the start. Location 3 can be a pain in the ass for a builder vs a tanker to manage his ore and defend a tanker rush especially with many entrances to protect his ore and his buildings.

Whether you are a beginner, novice pro, tanker, builder or a hybrid player and you are willing to work on your skills on the arena map or to face a challenge then this post is just for you!

A little info about the challenge:

You start at the position 3 you have 8 minutes before the attack commences to prepare yourself, basically that's how much time a builder needs to build his essential build and a little extra minute, the map is more than just a defense its almost a somehow a simulator to a real average tanker that shifts constantly and the time intervals are somehow exact on how that tanker would expand and take time to make extra wars and refs.

Once it begins it starts to shift 3 heavy tanks from position 1 to your position for 8 minutes then it starts spawning 6 heavy tanks instead of 3, and after another 8 minutes, you will be facing each wave 6 heavy tanks and 4 V2's. In between the 8 minutes periods you will need to hold the first wave, once your base is secured you need to expand and prepare yourself to double the trouble.

The objective is to destroy the AI MCV ( No air units allowed obviously ) either by tanking or building. Some of the pro players (Tankers and Builders) have tested the map in the DEMO version, I've got some nice comments on it and made little modification by adding the V2's as some players requested to make it a little more challenging although the DEMO version without the V2's will still be available.

The purpose behind this map is to enhance your building skills, reflexes, expanding while tanking, defending and ore managing from this specific location. Yes, it is not easy but within time you will find yourself with much better speed reflexes and good tactics to defend yourself and manage your ore and at the same time gaining skills, although the AI is not quite easy as some people think as its a normal defense map, no the AI is much more smarter than that, it might sit on your ore target your trucks and even do a split push just wait and see :)

To Acquire the map simply click on the links it will automatically start downloading the map, once the map is downloaded simply place into your Maps\Defense folder by default is:

Restart CnCnet and host your game up.
Download the map: Here


There will be other versions from different positions may be different units based on the player's reviews and there will be one's with only tanks where you have to Q your way up to enhance your shifting and tanking skills on the map and try to make use of every inch of it.

Would like to thank FlunkyFluke for his help on the creation of the DEMO map and taught me some basics so I could modify in the second version and cousinleigh for the idea to make it happen.

Cheers and happy practicing.


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