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The Great Wall Of HJK V1.1 ( Defence )

For all you HJK lovers today i release you an HJK defense map, it is hard indeed but at least feels like a great challenge for how much big the map is while you get the choice to move freely openly at any spot or position.

Originally the map was designed to be a Capture The Flag game ( cousinleigh idea ) where you have to run into the AI base capture the flag and run back home with it, it could have been a great idea/experience but due the lack of setting flag settings in the editor the idea became obsolete so i had to turn it into another defense map.

Map Info and Settings:

  • Map name " The Great Wall Of HJK V1.1 ".
  • Difficulty Hard.
  • Contains 5 Waves.
  • Starting Position Top Right.
  • AI Location Bottom Left.
  • The objective is to kill AI CY
  • Added Sounds at each wave start.


  • Wave 1 is a set of 3 Heavy Tanks.
  • Wave 2 is a reinforcement of 3 additional Heavy Tanks.
  • Wave 3 is a set of 4 Mammoth Tanks.
  • Wave 4 is a set of 9 Migs.
  • Wave 5 is a set of 2 V2's.


  • You may start with 100K For a good start, altho i feel 50K is fairly enough and 10K if you're going PRO mode.
  • Any types of AIR units or Airfields is forbidden resultant of auto-lose.
  • Building Chronosphere or Missile Silo's is forbidden as well.
  • Obviously do not try to fool the AI, exploiting him etc cause you will miss the point of playing the map.
  • Do not build/block where the tanks spawn obviously you might bug the game.
  • Color must be set to YELLOW

I think it is a great chance for Average/Pro HJK players to practice their building / tanking skills on this map and for fresh HJK players who does not know the map a great chance to start to get into it maybe we might see more HJK games instead of regular sticky maps.

I would like to thank all the players who helped me test the map and made the effort to finish it:

  • Cousinleigh - Finished it in beta mode, Test mode, and Pre-release 1.
  • [Commander-TA] Finished in beta mode ( no tanks of course )
  • ORA-Blitz Finished in beta mode ( tanking throughout the second wave )
  • RAM-Yuzgen Finished in Pre-release 1.
Any new ideas and necessary modifications are welcome, make sure to post bugs of the maps if you ever find any and don't forget to post your video in the comment section upon finishing it and make sure to leave your review on the map. I am not really sure that I will be making any modification into this map yet but we will see.

To Acquire the map simply click on the link it will automatically redirect you to google drive so you can start downloading the map, once the map is downloaded simply place into your Maps\Defense folder by default is:


Link: Click here to download

Note: For people who have this map before it was released here you may delete the old ones to avoid any conflict between the versions by navigating to the following directory :

C:\Games\CnCNet\RedAlert1_Online\Maps and searching for HJK and deleting all maps that have the title HJK don't worry the original HJK map will not be deleted cause it does not have the same file name.



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