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The Ultimate Arena Guide Step by Step.

Hi folks,

Today i am gonna start a huge article about the map Arena since it's becoming more and more popular over the days and we have witnessed many pro players start to have interest in the map so I decided to write a Step by Step guide that will cover everything you need to know about whether you are a noob, average or pro player, and I am certain it will come handy for all type of players to shape or build their skills and strategies.
Noting that the guide will be given in the most optimal way which can allow you later to take bits and pieces of it and shape it to your type of gameplay or even use it as it is depending on the opponent and strategies that you would like to create, and of course after every optimal option I will give out my personal point of view of every part of the guide along with the optimal way.

The content of this guide will contain the following:

  • Talking about every position in the game ( Pros and Cons )
  • Scouting from every position
  • Time management ( Very important whenever you are playing a pro game )
  • Build orders ( Soviet and allies )
  • Ore management
  • Expanding ( When to expand and how to expand )
  • How to Hybrid on Arena.
  • Different Strategies.
  • Tanking and Building techniques.
  • Short game and long game tips.
  • Defending against rushers/tankers.
  • Tanking vs builders/tankers.
  • Bookmarking.

Why am I writing this article? Well, the answer is simply cause I can! And many people out there need one as a start instead of someone bullying them of how noob they are! So let me know what you think of the content and if you'd like to see me talk about points that I have missed.


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