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[-TA] Tanker Alliance

[TA] Tanker Alliance





    Famous former Members: [Crush-TA], [Younger-TA], [Turret-TA], [Dak-TA], [Myth-TA], [Kody-TA], [Commander-TA],     [K0bra1-TA], [bRAvo-TA]

TA as an Alliance of Tankers has been founded somwhen in the years 201X  as an opposite to the famous TB Tesla Builders alliance at that time. 
Famous for their tanking skills, their leader actually created several tank-training-maps - including the extremely popular GoldMedalChallenge map GMC, which is nowadays ONE standardized skill-meter. However, he invented even more, higher-skilled versions like the 2.5-map (aka DiamondMedal) and the very insane PlatinumMap with an overdose of AI-enemy-Tanks to counter. 
But, not enuf, if u ask kindly, Atom1 may give u his more secret tank-training maps which he holds in his hands till now. :)

Recently, the clan became vivid again, when half-merging with the leaders of C|-clan -- long-lasting and re-alive currently will the future of TA be a bright one. 

Update, July ´18: The former C-TA-merging now resulted into the founding of A-Team as a new clan of recruiting upcomingness. 

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