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Yoyo folks. Since most of you guys and girls know: Our old website ra1-guides.com had some struggles in the last weeks and went offline. ...



..ever wondered about that all-maps crazy good chinese players with the mysterious postfix _wk attached to their names? Most of them even occur to be members of ORA as well - hint: ORA originally was a more asian based clan in the 2000s. However, _wk is halfway an own clan, cause some members aren't ORAs, but _wks and the "clan" has its own long lasting history in RA. 

The name is kind of a chinese abbreviation wik/vik for bolshewik lolol.  No, i am not kidding. Considering that even nowadays China sees itself as a mix of kapitalo-communism and RA1 truly is a battle Allies versus Sowjets/Bolsheviks - we don't need a McCarthy-alike suspicion to feel the philosophy behind :).

They also have a plenty amount of currently active players like ORA-Sam_wk, Young_wk, Gemin_wk, ORA-Jazz_wk, Red_wk, ORA-N22_wk, and many more. And out of their group comes the honorable man Dr_wk (still sometimes playing Arena), who saved from herm´s archive either those @|NC|-Lauta´s YouTube Channel available cousinehy videos, as well as the nastynate honor vids @ORA-Madman´s Channel. Check them out! 

If ya want to take a deeper look into the WK_mindset: Watch their own RedAlert-Homepage with lots of discussions, tricks and strategies: 

P.S.: U maybe wanna consider using google.translate as well ^^. 

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