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Dark Pumas [DP]

Dark Pumas [DP]


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Known Members

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The Dark Pumas were created in Croatia and Greece in 2016.


[DP] clan is a clan only for people with good skills in tanking and building. The Dark Pumas are not only a clan, we are a brotherhood and you need to respect all members. The Dark Pumas is a clan with many PROS and great players. We train our members on many maps like P4, Ribbon, Q-master, GTK and other maps. Anyone in our clan who needs help will get help anytime when he asks, he is our brother always. Help DP! Being in [DP] is a great pride and we worship DP.


1. Be good enough or be a PRO to join [DP].

2. Do not take actions that could harm the clan (change your nickname or change clan).

3. Respect the clan brothers.

4. Help the [DP]clan members, for them to receive help.

5. Be participative.

6. You need to be friendly.

7. Breaking rules of Dark Pumas[DP] may result automaticly ban from clan.

New members:

Remember, you need to be GOOD-PRO. To join the clan, talk to the leader or our 2 captains.

If somebody wanna join our DP clan he must beat 2 guys from DP on 2 maps bo3 ! ! ! 

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