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Interbuilding and interselling

Credit: The general inspiration for this guide I got by watching tons of NC-Lauta´s videos, months and months ago; in some vids (Barrack was already sold, some War Factories and some Conyards already built up) he re-build a Barrack before building a Radar Dome for V2 production. So basically he did like: p-b-o-w-w-sell_b-w/d-...-b-r = an extra Barrack build in-between depot and Radar Dome. But Why? I tested the same and this and further results are: 

Define: Inter- means in-between. To Build or to Sell in an "inter"-ish way means: In-between your general full build order (e.g. full tanking till war6/7) u do stuff or sell stuff, which gives u a certain bonus:

The 3 Boni of doing so are: either (1) getting extra cash, or (2) saving some power (means don't have to build next power plant), or (3) receiving some better unit/building-slot-positioning - which is the most advanced advantage bonus of all! 

In our introduction´s example, obviously Lauta sold Barracks after War-2 - which is a very common move to do so. So get some cash back and saving some money, cannot not be the advanced reasoning behind. The term "inter-" therefor should more be reserved for such in-between "extra builds" and "extra sells" in regard to the third bonus: unit/building-slot-positioning. 

How can the slot-positioning been improved by this and
 what are the benefits of doing so?

The main idea behind is to get stuff u wanna produce at the same time (like rocket soldiers and V2) as close as possible under-eachother to get a click-ability of both without the need of scrolling the slots. This way u reduce first of all the scrolling of the slotbar. Secondly, the closer the 2 units are together, the faster u can click them one after the other, and so: the higher your general production rate of new units will be. 
Accordingly, you can get some better positioning of correlated building-slots to unit-slots also. 

This may not be your obstacle in high Resolutions like above 1000, but below with less than 10 slots per row or even at low Resolutions with only 4/5 slots per row, closeness of slots to produce simultaneous is vital! 

See now some examples:

1. Interbuilding

  • Re-build a Barrack before Radar for V2: brings rockets soldiers 2 slots away from v2, so in long games u can produce both: V2 as anti-ground and rockets as anti-air units simultaneously.
  • Don´t skip Barracks @ChronoMap to get your turret-slots on same level as tanks; if skipped, and you build barracks outside, then the slot will be very down and costs a lot of scrolling then. 
  • ...imagine your own:

... by changing the build-order of Barracks, Depot, Radar, Tech and others, by some ways u really get an advantage of slot-positioning. Of course, what can result good can also go worse and ruin sometimes the slots like hell :D if done bad-orderly. 

2. Interselling

  • If enough allied Helipads, sell all Warfactories and rebuild them afterwards to get heli-production-slot upon tank-slot to speed produce both. (Can be risky, if wrong time, but is a common pro-move.)
  • Sell Barracks before War-2, saves power and brings tanks to the top position. (Common also)
  • Sell Barracks before (!) first War as Allies and you won't get the APC so scrolling down is 1 spot less now. 
  • If u sell Warfactories Inside @ChronoMap before Chrono-ing, the Chrono-slot jumps upwards and u don't risk to produce tanks inside :). Similar to re-build a Barrack @ChronoMap to get a better Tanya-slot outside, and more and more...

Summing-up, in all those cases you sell or build something "in-between" to get some different positioning of the slots inter-between them themselves.

Now test it yourself, debate your results and because Sharing_is_Caring write ya own inter-builds and inter-sells bellow. 

GG cousinclaus and a Happy Easter :)

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