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Yoyo folks. Since most of you guys and girls know: Our old website ra1-guides.com had some struggles in the last weeks and went offline. ...


Team [X]



Known Members


retired Members


Origin: United States, 2015
Official tag: [x]
Favorite Maps: P4, Ribbon, Path Beyond, Union Break, 4c Niklas, Arena Valley, Chorno by T2, North by northwest, Jail break
Requirements to join:

[09:17 AM] <[x]SteeL> "Players are chosen based on the following criteria:

1. Knowledge of many maps both custom and standard

2. Pro with soviet and allied factions
3. Pro tanker
4. Better than the majority of current Red Alert players
5. Able to play with multiple styles 
6. Players who DO NOT ASK to join.

Clan description:

"[x] is not a clan, it's a team. Each player was selected based on total versatility. We all excel at custom AND standard maps. The team is comprised of tankers and builder/tankers. There are no build-only players. All the players are friendly with each other which helps to create a better sense of team."


.: [AFO] RA GUIDE certifies the [x] team as an official CnCNet 5 clan :.

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