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ORA - Ownz Red Alert

Red Alert 1 Elite Team
Year Created:1998
Team Leader- ORA-speed
Official Tag: ORA - Ownz Red Alert

ORA is the longest tenured elite team. Originating in the year 1998 on Mplayer Original team leader ORA-galgu assembled a group of RA's top players. Lead by himself, ORA-mage and ORA-ssanai. 
Galgu was a highly respected team leader and incredibly high skilled tanker coming from an elite team TDS (Ten Deadly Soldiers) To join ORA is an honor. You must first win 3 games against a player or players of the leader's choice and it is no simple task as every man/woman in ORA is a highly skilled player. In 2002 Galgu decided to stop playing RA and left the team in good hands, his former boss from TDS ORA-rock. 
ORA-rock's tenure as leader was legendary in its own. In the 8 years he lead ORA it became massive. Rock's tenure as leader is the reason ORA is cemented in RA history He was a great leader in TDS and a great leader in ORA. 
ORA-boy a.k.a speed, was given the leadership role in 2010 and today ORA is still a very thriving elite team.

ORA-galgu 1998-2002
ORA-rock 2002-2010
ORA-boy 2010-Current.

Clan Rules:

1.  Always play at your highest ability and represent ORA well.

2.  No cheating!, If we find out that you do, you will be removed from ORA without warning and most likely one of the cncnet admins will ban you from the game before or after that. So do not cheat!

The Clan 
:Clan Leaders
:Clan Members

ORA-boy (leader)
ORA-jacob (co leader)
ORA-jazz_wk (co leader)
ORA-crush (captain)

   Congratulations to ORA-boy and ORA-pride for winning in the 3v3 tournament December 6th 2020   https://challonge.com/j0vhda8z

Congratulations to ORA-jacob for winning the 1vs1 tournament  December 11th 2020  https://challonge.com/bi5vgt1q 

Congratulations to ORA-crush for winning in the 2v2 tournamanet October 30th https://challonge.com/52v9dtxl


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