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Ribbon Reloaded ( Defense )

To all, you ribbon lovers, a hardcore version of ribbon defense that might probably make you want to pull your hair out very satisfying and challenging and full of surprises and will make you build and use every single unit of this game and every aspect and reflex and strategy you might pull off.

I will not say the content and waves and units of the map I will leave you to discover it by yourself but what I am gonna share is:

  • The map has GPS ( kept it for the sake of difficulty of the map )
  • It is covered with GAP's most of it.
  • Deploy and build power ASAP for the timer to show properly and keep track of it.
  • Missle silo and any Aircraft building are prohibited.
  • The use of Chrono is allowed.
  • Yellow color must be chosen.
  • The map can be played as Germany or Russia.
  • The map contains Sonar Pulse.
Testers are welcome to share their opinions and I am open to new ideas, try to make the most out of it and share your experience in a video or leave it as a comment in the comment section.

To Acquire the map simply click on the link it will automatically redirect you to google drive so you can start downloading the map, once the map is downloaded simply place into your Maps\Defense folder by default is:

Link: Click Here to Download

Cheers and happy defending :)!


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