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Interview with [EL]Patron

When did you start playing Red Alert? 

1 time i saw this game when came out back in 1996 i played but not online , just missions , i did not have internet at that time! And later in the years i was thinking which games i play when i was a kid and i remember red alert so i downloaded for windows in 2015, and then i started playing for the 1 time multiplayer :)

Do you play any other games or have any other hobbies besides playing Red Alert?

Actually i just play red alert at the moment cause is a great game who does make u think a lot and make constantly plans about how u gonna attack or defend etc, Great game for active our brains and combine hand movement ! At the moment i started 2 months ago my own driving school so i dont have plenty time , but my hobbys are making dance, house music with FL studio , making my own apps games. With unity 3d and my dog ( rotweiller).

Do you prefer playing as Soviet or Allies?

Well to be honest i dont have a preference for one or the other haha , its just the moment , or better saying randomly i choose them

Are you a builder or tanker?

Nice question , but like the last one , most of the times i see who is my opponent and then i make a decision , otherwhise randomly dont have a preference

Favourite map?

Well , this is a Big words question ! , cause actually i dont have one! sometimes i wanna play ribbon , othertimes im bored to play it , same for all pro maps like p4 , rock mountain ,arena etc. Sometimes i like to play diff maps and discovered it . like meatgrinder as many other goods no standard maps! No i dont have a favourite map

What do you think the benefits of joining a clan is? 

in my modest opinion I think that joining a clan first of all I think you win respects and second I think that when you join a clan the benefit is that you learn to be better player , but im a lonely wolf , thats why i dont join one!

Is there anything that bothers you with Red Alert? 

Well ,there is one thing that bothers me a lot , and that is when a clan member ( and most of all , if he is of a good strong clan ) quits game or insult me when he loses , i think is unrespectfull and a ashame he is on that clan and 2 bother is when connection fails out when im in a good game.

If you could choose one teammate in a game who would you choose? 

depends who and who is online! , if docolds is online i wanna him as teammate

What advice would you give to up and coming Red Alert players who want to become pro?

Well , nice question ! i have seen that a lot of pros take advantage of new players and smashed them without mercy. I am a person who likes to help others, so many times instead of giving advice to new players, what I do is open a game and give them lessons on how to play so they are better as soon as possible.