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Critical report about a German imposter

Hopefully this critical report can be read by FunkyFr3sh or the game administrators, because there is an imposter of German origin [WP]God that he is insulting very strongly all the players of the game and even the members of the WP and now he is using the name of [WP]AnDeRsN one of our WP co-leader. That German player [WP]God is not an official member of the WP. This impostor is leaving the WP family and the Peruvian player [WP]AnDeRsN in a bad way. The WP family has received complaints and claims about this imposter. I ([WP]Entidad) and the WP family are promising not to insult other players again and that is on our official page. I spoke with CnCNet_95 and ChanServ to report the case, but they have not responded yet. This tragedy began on Thursday, November 12, 2019. I have enough evidence about this German imposter. All the official members of the WP have reported to me and complained about this critical case. I hope this imposter will be banned from the game completely, otherwise I and the WP family will feel bad about this game, as I have appreciated Red Alert since I was born…

This is the German imposter. The real [WP] AnDeRsN is Peruvian

The real [WP]AnDeRsN is claiming to the imposter

The real [WP] AnDeRsN and [WP] xFullon are defending the WP Family about this imposter.

[WP]xFullon reports to [WP]Entidad of this imposter through these images

The real [WP]AnDeRsN is claiming to the imposter

[WP]xFullon reports to [WP]Entidad by Whatsapp urgently!

[WP]Benjami and [WP]Doomed are claiming by the official Whatsapp group

[WP] Saxon is talking to the fake [WP]AnDeRsN

[WP]Entidad reports to CnCNet 95, but they do not give an answer

That's the impostor data. The real [WP]AnDeRsN is Peruvian

Other victim of the impostor!

More evidence!

I just hope that justice is served here!

This claim was written by [WP] Entidad 11/15/2020