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Critical report about a German imposter

Hopefully this critical report can be read by FunkyFr3sh or the game administrators, because there is an imposter of German origin [WP]God that he is insulting very strongly all the players of the game and even the members of the WP and now he is using the name of [WP]AnDeRsN one of our WP co-leader. That German player [WP]God is not an official member of the WP. This impostor is leaving the WP family and the Peruvian player [WP]AnDeRsN in a bad way. The WP family has received complaints and claims about this imposter. I ([WP]Entidad) and the WP family are promising not to insult other players again and that is on our official page. I spoke with CnCNet_95 and ChanServ to report the case, but they have not responded yet. This tragedy began on Thursday, November 12, 2019. I have enough evidence about this German imposter. All the official members of the WP have reported to me and complained about this critical case. I hope this imposter will be banned from the game completely, otherwise I and the WP family will feel bad about this game, as I have appreciated Red Alert since I was born…

This is the German imposter. The real [WP] AnDeRsN is Peruvian

The real [WP]AnDeRsN is claiming to the imposter

The real [WP] AnDeRsN and [WP] xFullon are defending the WP Family about this imposter.

[WP]xFullon reports to [WP]Entidad of this imposter through these images

The real [WP]AnDeRsN is claiming to the imposter

[WP]xFullon reports to [WP]Entidad by Whatsapp urgently!

[WP]Benjami and [WP]Doomed are claiming by the official Whatsapp group

[WP] Saxon is talking to the fake [WP]AnDeRsN

[WP]Entidad reports to CnCNet 95, but they do not give an answer

That's the impostor data. The real [WP]AnDeRsN is Peruvian

Other victim of the impostor!

More evidence!

I just hope that justice is served here!

This claim was written by [WP] Entidad 11/15/2020


  1. This guy really sucks........ Almost all WP players are great characters. But there is a girl ( Maria ) who complains every single game she looses. Always blaming her team members, no matter if they played bad or much better than herself. From my view this is childish and ridicolous behaviour and a danger for WPs reputation as good sportsmen. She just should not do that ( at least not every single fucking game ). Just take it as it comes.........sometimes u win , sometimes u loose ......

    1. Maria is very reluctant to everything. When you win, you deny, when you lose, you deny, I don't know how to control it. But she is not very flattering like in this report. I'll talk to her on her whatsapp. Greetings euler! thx by this date!

  2. She should organize [CRY] Clan :P

  3. You should post this to the CnCnet Forum. Maybe this Website isn't the right platform for that. Greetings

    1. Thx for this PeterSky. Now, WP family is in a state of emergency!