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Yoyo folks. Since most of you guys and girls know: Our old website ra1-guides.com had some struggles in the last weeks and went offline. ...

Favorite GUIDES

Formerly, in this page areal, articles and guides of a community-so-called Professor Clausewitz have been featured. Since many good Authors do exists, from now on this special section will offer YOU in an overview the most FAVORIZED guides, which maybe all can be regarded as Must-reads: 

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... Hotkeys from Beginner´s to Specialist´s

... On Q - the direkt way of tanking

... On GQ - the indirect way of tanking

... Hidden Engineers - a defensive strategy

... Superstructures

... Inter-building and inter-selling

... On Speed

... ESCORT - a way of automated building defense

... On Shifting: How to move units from A to B 

... On Resolutions: Screen-sized, tanking versus building and many interviews

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